Educators For Sensible Drug Policy (EFSDP)
"What do we do when communities fail? Build schools, not jails."

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Welcome to Educators For Sensible Drug Policy (EFSDP)

Educators For Sensible Drug Policy (EFSDP) brings the credibility, influence, and training of the teaching profession to drug law debate and reform. We are an international organization whose current membership includes Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, and the U.S. A.

Our primary motivation is based on the fact that teaching, as a profession, is responsible for preparing our children to participate in society as discerning productive citizens. Properly taught, our children will gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become life long learners who can make wise decisions.

We recognize that accurate, scientific, reality-based information is necessary in order to make informed decisions about drugs. Empowered with accurate facts and figures and the tools of education, our students will understand the differences between use and abuse, legal and illegal, private and public, and recognize the benefits of quality control and dosage regulation.

The "War on Drugs" is a public policy failure. After decades of criminal prohibition and intensive law enforcement efforts to rid society of illegal drugs, violent traffickers and dealers still endanger citizens in our cities. Steady streams of drug offenders still pour in and out of our jails and prisons as tons of cocaine, heroin and marijuana cross our borders unimpeded, often aided by law enforcement workers seduced by the potential of profit. Every year, it becomes increasingly obvious that the wide reaching effects of drug prohibition are far more harmful than the effects of the drugs themselves.

Educators For Sensible Drug Policy opposes the criminal prohibition of drugs. Not only does it subject otherwise law-abiding citizens to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment for what they do in private, but prohibition is a proven failure as a drug control strategy. In trying to enforce the drug laws, the government violates the fundamental rights of privacy and personal autonomy. EFSDP believes that unless they do harm to others, people should not be punished. If they do harm to themselves, they need education and health care not arrest and imprisonment.

Unfortunately, our schools are often times the battlegrounds upon which the "War on Drugs" is waged, with our children always ending up as the victims. EFSDP is committed to combating the Higher Education Act Amendment, D.A.R.E. in our schools, drug-free school zones, and the drug testing of students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities.

We believe there are better ways to control drug use, ways that will ultimately lead to a healthier, freer and less crime-ridden society. A system of regulation and control of these substances (replacing the current system of control by the black market) would be a less harmful, less costly, more ethical and more effective public policy.

Use the resources on this web site to learn more and take action to protect our schools, students, teachers, and children.

Please consider joining Educators for Sensible Drug Policy.

Unlike our tax-funded opponents, our grassroots campaign counts on people like you to make it possible. We sincerely appreciate your generous support so far.

ALERT: In the U.S. urge your elected officials to repeal the Higher Education Act provision!
Sample letter to senators   Visit Raise Your Voice

In Canada contact your MP and encourage them to do their part to help end the failed prohibition of drugs.

Our government spends roughly the same amount of money to incarcerate a non-violent marijuana user for one year as it does to pay a teacher to educate an entire classroom for the same amount of time... Which has a more positive effect on society?

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